The beauty of our country is the unity that persisted in spite of the diversity that existed! No matter what a person’s caste, creed or religion is, first thing is the nationality, and the identity that matters that they are Indians! And in this country we are promised with fundamental rights which apply to every Indian- RIGHT TO SPEECH and RIGHT TO RELIGION. We also took the pledge that says “All Indians are my brothers and sisters” and today we are posing threat to our so called brothers and sisters under the conspiracy that they are utilizing their right to follow their religion!

People belonging to Hinduism also consume meat, making beef as an exception! But there is no such regulation in Islam and Muslims consume beef, does it matter a lot when a person belonging to the same country follows his/her religion! Is it rational to award them with a death penalty! Such shame! After all Hindus follow a custom of offering animal sacrifice in their religion, imagine what Peta activists think of doing! Thankfully they believe in non-violence!
The most sensible question is, if at all a huge section of a country wants beef to be banned, they need to scrutinize on the issues of the production of cow meat? People of Islam may consume meat as it is viable and acceptable in their religion. They do not produce any cow meat as they do not raise cows in their cattle or breed them to produce meat (such a practice is considered as a sin in their religion) but still they consume meat just like Hindus consume bird meat, goat meat or sea food. It is as normal as that. When it comes to cattle breeding majority number of people who breed cows belong to Hindu religion. The fact is when the cattle becomes old and weak to work and cannot reproduce off springs anymore they are sold to slaughter houses, from which the seller makes money to buy a new calf. May not be the case with every other cattle owner but most of them do as the slaughter houses are still working. Is there any stringent Hindu law among Hindus stating that selling of old or dead cattle to a slaughter house is strictly prohibited on grounds of the “Dharmic values” they share for cows? Hence instead of protesting for ban on beef they should throw light on the root cause that is selling of cattle to slaughter houses. They need to regulate people from their own community who sell old or dead cattle to slaughter houses to generate income.

Apart from this, we also need to learn the fact that beef is not necessarily cow meat. It can be the meat of bulls, heifers or oxen. There is also a humane perspective to look into the issue. Beef is actually priced very low compared to other meat food; it is mostly consumed among the lower working class of the society who work like beasts to make ends meet. People who work as daily wage laborers at are subjected to a high amount of physical strain, and they definitely require lots of strength to keep working. They do not have a choice but to consume beef which they could afford happily and eat contentedly. We cannot be so unkind to these people. No religion ever emphasize on forcing your customs on fellow human beings and the most ridiculous fact is that more importance is given to a dead beast over the life of a human being in our country. It is an unhealthy sign and acts as a threat to the existing unity in the country. After all a man has created religion, a religion did not create a man. More importantly a religion is a guide for human beings with a set of instructions to lead a meaningful life, it is not your pride it is your guide!


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