5 Best Yoga Tips For Glowing Skin


We know that beauty is not just skin deep. It has a lot more than that and yoga helps to achieve that beautiful skin. Though you can pile of loads of makeup on your face yet you can’t achieve that glow which comes from within. Here are some yoga exercises that will help you achieve  that beautiful glowing skin.


One of the best yoga exercises to get that glowing skin is the halasana. It gives you glowing skin and improves the necessary digestive process to achieve the same. Used for healing the lower back and the hip pain this one is sure to boost your metabolism like no other. Raise your legs backwards as you lie on your back to touch the floor. Maintain this posture for 10-15 seconds and then relax.


One of the most effective yoga asana’s to promote blood circulation which has an impact on your skin texture. As you lie on your back, raise your legs up and raise your torso as well. Support your back with your hands Close your eyes and stay in this position for about 30 seconds to a minute and breathe deeply. Doing this for about 5 minutes a day will help you get rid of wrinkles, acne and other skin blemishes you face.


Doing this exercise will help increase the supply of oxygen to all the skin cells in your body and helps in skin renewal. Also effective to reduce the much faced problem of everyone, the tummy fat, the uttasana fights all the damage done to your body done by free radicals. Stand straight with your hands and feet firm. Then bend forward without bending your knees until your pelvis is bent. Close your eyes and allow your head to hang freely. Do this for 1 minute and retain your standing posture.


This pose increases the supply of oxygen to your complete body, to your heart, lungs and skin in particular which makes you feel refreshed. Also popularly known as the triangle position, you need to stand keeping your legs apart. Bend right raising your left hand to the roof and the other hand supporting your foot. Take deep breath as you do this then come to your normal posture. Repeat this to the other side as well.


A barely simple standing pose that can add so much to your health is the Tadasana. Also known as the mountain pose, this reminds about the one that various rishi’s would practice in the days of the old. It pumps the required oxygen to your entire skin in the body. Stand straight with your hands joined to form a namaste position as you keep them raised. Raise your face up high towards your hands and stand in this position to take deep breath. Do this for about 1 minute. This will rejuvenate you like no other.

Follow these to get beautiful skin as we will get back to you with more new ones.



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