5 Powerful Yoga Asana’s To Heal Backpain


With the stressful life that people face, almost everyone suffers from back pain these days. People either ending up sitting more or standing more which doesn’t allow them to escape this condition be it any agroup. Here are some fabulous yoga asana’s which will help you forget the back pain you are facing now.

Balasana Or Child Pose:

This one might sound absolutely kiddish, but it can relieve you off the back pain and helps you to de-stress faster. Remember that weird old pose that almost all kids are accustomed to? Sit back on your glutes muscles and bend towards the ground stretching your arms straight completely parallel to the ground. Stay in this position and take deep breath for about 5 to 10 seconds. Relax and then repeat.

Kapotasana Or Pigeon Pose:

This one might seem like a challenge quite a bit for the ones who are new to yoga. This exercise involves the hips more. It helps in increasing the mobility of the hips by stretching hip flexors and rotators even further. Sit up straight and then pull your left leg in front of you by keeping it in a squat position. Stretch your other leg away from you backwards straight without bending it. Take deep breath for about 5- 10 seconds and repeat the other way round.

Trikonasana Or Triangle Pose:

The triangle pose will is perfect to strengthen the back and the legs as well. It helps the muscles associated with these parts to elongate and strengthen those fibers. Stand straight with your feet close together, then stretch your feet apart. Turn your right foot at a 45 degree angle and then bend towards your left sideways stretching both your arms one facing pointing to the above and the other touching the ground. Take deep breath for about 5 – 10 seconds and then repeat the same in the opposite direction.

Urdhva Mukha Svasana Or Upward Facing Dog Pose:  

The upward facing dog pose helps you to breathe better as it opens up your chest and helps your abdominal muscles stretch releasing your back. Lay flat on the floor and then lift up your torso as you balance your body with your palms secured on the ground. Lift up your head and breathe deeply for about 5- 10 seconds. This will help you to relax better.

Ardha Uttansana Or Upward Forward Bend:

This one is more like the basic exercises we learnt as kids. It stretches the muscles in  your back and hamstrings strengthening your shoulders at the same time. Stand straight and keep your feet separated as wide as your shoulders. Bend your torso to the ground. Ensure that your knees are not locked up but loose. Stop at a point where you are comfortable and fold your shoulders. Remain in this position and breathe deeply for 5-10 seconds. Later, repeat the same for sometime.

These exercises helps you treat the sore muscles in your back increasing its strength and flexibility which will help you get relieved from back pain effectively.



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