Hmmmm…..well…..those were the gloomy days when me and some of my friends were looking into the sky……regretting for taking MPC after seeing our EAMCET AIEEE n JEE results……

Yes…..i accept that there was a ‘Very Little’ delay in our realization….but no…it was not ‘too late’ coz I got a phone call from my friend Anish Kokati saying, “Dude there is an exam called NATA, we just need to do some drawing stuff. There would be great girls in this field it seems, why not we give it a try!” And I enquired about it and appeared for the exam and after 2 or 3 months….I landed up in a posh college (compared to the others)….and yes…..I can mark this as the FIRST TURNING POINT of my life…!


Frankly speaking……I was done with my First Semester just trying to figure out WHAT ARCHITECTURE REALLY IS!!!….Later after my unquenchable quest in the field made me realize that the actual job of an Architect is to Design and Draft Plans and Elevations of buildings…..but by this time….i was SHOCKED….!!!!

…………………To know that i was done with my third semester…….!!!!

I remember One of my Professors saying about a renowned Architect in the History of Architecture…..who built a villa….with an extraordinary feature of AUTOMATIC OPENING OF ALL THE DOORS of the house, if We Open only the MAIN DOOR!!!. I heard a big WOW from the herd in the class…..But that day….i got a doubt which I hesitated to ask my Teacher…..What if I was a resident of that Villa and one fine morning I was busy on the WC in the common toilet of the living room…..and my brother answers a ding-dong of the main door……!!!

I don’t mean to disturb anyone, talking like this…..but C’mon man ….I felt that feature was quite weird and pointless!

So that was the day I got a feeling that……becoming a legend or having a page for yourself in the history of Architecture was not really that tough…..Just use Complicated words which people dont understand….coz we all know that “ANYTHING that people DONT UNDERSTAND is a GREAT THING!”…..and just try to build something weird…..that so that your building would be a point of discussion in the real estate market and within one week you are in the news and in  the next 20 years…..the coming generations would be reading about you in their text books just like we all are doing…..!!!


Then came the day of my 4th Semester jury… design clearly resembled and reflected all the above mentioned awesome theories and concepts.

And “please dont ask me how that jury went, I still remember that frown on the face of my juror, Mr. Milind, who was looking at me with great deal of hate controlling all his temper.

That situation was the SECOND TURNING POINT in my life, which proved all the above-mentioned-awesome-theories….W-R-O-N-G…….!!!!

So that day, I decided to follow the theory of my friend Sairagh Reddy, which I named as “THE BOXES 2013!!!”

This theory states that “The True Purpose of completing a Design Problem is to please the juror the design should be practical and functional with no curves or circular structures anywhere in it!” No matter what your friends say or how creative you are, just keep your ****ing creativity in your pocket and design a building that the Juror likes.

This feeling made me very Uncomfortable, I felt that I was in the Wrong field again…..Friends always praised my work but my Teachers didn’t, Parents praised my work but the professors didn’t……and those jurors, N-E-V-E-R  liked any of my designs.


After One ****ing year of ‘Frustration-Filled Architecture Student’s Life’…….One fine morning, one of my Dad’s friends, asked me to Design a Compound Wall for his house with granite rubble masonry. I was excited to work on my first project. So I applied a mixture of all my ‘Old awesome concepts’ and the theory ‘Boxes 2013’ and designed a Compound wall which I liked a lot, I showed it to my client, who was rather disappointed after seeing it!

I was depressed about it, but something struck me. This particular work in which I failed. was going to be my work which has to fetch me my daily bread….for the rest of my life.

OMG!!! I thought that I should give it one more try and I did. He did not like that one too. I gave it one more…..REJECTED….one more….REJECTED….after doing 17 Designs of compound wall which matches the design of his house, he loved my 18th design and paid me ₨ 5000. I did not spend that amount. I still have that money with me. It meant a lot to me. Those notes were the tokens of THIRD TURNING POINT in my life…..


That day….I understood the real meaning of Architecture.

Architecture is not designing what you like….it is designing what your client likes

All my anger on the teachers who gave me redos simply faded away, I Understood that they were teaching me….

  • PATIENCE, (as the clients obviously wont like your initial designs)
  • FLEXIBILITY (there is nothing called PERFECT DESIGN….every client has his own requirements which should become our CORRECTIONS in design the building)
  • Proper APPLICATION OF CREATIVITY in a way that pleases your client

Aajkal everyone is creative dude……me…he…she….we all are creative….that is the reason we all are together today, but the one who learns to APPLY his CREATIVIITY into his design, becomes the REAL LEGEND IN THE HISTORY OF ARCHITECTURE!!!

I’ll never forget these people in my life

  1. Anish Kokati…who led me into this field
  2. Mr Milind…..never mind…cant say my true feelings….😉
  3. Sai Ragh….who’s philosophies are slightly found in my style…..😊


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